So you need to surrender your dog?
Maybe you don’t. Below are some of the reasons people surrender dogs and some ideas on how to avoid having to do so.

Or, do you just want to get rid of it?
It is your dog and your responsibility.
Please don’t think you are doing a recue group a favour by giving or donation them your dog.
They’ll have more dogs than they can handle or afford.
If you honestly feel that your only option is to surrender your pet, please keep in mind that whilst rescue groups spend their lives trying to save and rehome dogs, over 250,000 domestic animals are euthanized in Australian pounds and shelters every year.

Surrendering your pet should be your last option, not your first option.

Moving House

  • Consider searching for a pet friendly home. When people are renting they feel this is not an option, but often it is. You might only need to pay a little extra as “pet-bond”.

  • Maybe your circumstances have changed temporarily and you have had to move suddenly into accommodation that does not allow pets. Ask friends or family if they can care for your beloved dog, until you can find suitable accommodation.

Behaviour Problems

  • Seek professional advice. There are many dog trainers who will work with you. They often specialise in one on one training to give you the best advice possible

  • Contact your local obedience class. There is always room for improvement in any dogs’ life, no matter what age.

A New Family Member or Baby

  • Lots of people add babies and other members to their family without having to surrender their pet. There is lots of advice available on-line for suitable ways to prepare your pet for a new baby or family member. And how to introduce them when they arrive.

No Longer Have Time

  • There are lots of options for a busy person to help keep their dog stimulated while they are away. Pet specialists will be able to advise you on stimulating toys and games suited to your dog.

  • You can get a neighbour, friend, or a professional dog walker, to help keep your dogs mind and body exercised. Do your research and you will find this can be quite cost effective.

  • Many boarding kennels even offer “doggie-day-care”.

Financial Reasons

  • You can save a lot of money by feeding your dog raw or home cooked meals. Ensure that you do your research first as some human food can be deadly to a dog.

  • Ensure to keep your dogs vaccinations up to date. They may cost a small amount, but it will cost you a small fortune in the long run if you pet is to become ill. It also guarantees that your pet has a yearly check up to ensure that he or she is fit and healthy.

If you honestly feel that your only option is to surrender your pet and wish to do so through Wodonga Dog Rescue then read on.

We have an extremely good working relationship with Wodonga City Council and current arrangements are that Wodonga Dog Rescue is unable to take your dog directly. You will need to contact the City of Wodonga, and surrender your dog to them.
They operate the pound under State and Federal Regulations which means there can be NO guarantee your dog will be rehomed.
Having said that, we are proud of our success rate. We have, unlimited access to the pound to assess dogs’ suitability for rehoming and we have foster homes available to care for the dog until a suitable home is found. To find out more or to ask any questions about surrendering your dog, please feel free to contact us.

Contact the City of Wodonga on 02 6022 9300
or visit City of Wodonga Website
For more information email
or call Peta 0407 538 922
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