I am here waiting for you.
Do you think of me?
I am here waiting for you.
Can you set me free?

I somehow lost my home.
I'm not sure of folks I meet.
I found myself alone,
Lost and frightened on the street.

I tried to make some friends,
But was shooed and pushed away.
Is this the way it ends,
Just another stray?

So much danger on the air!
My presents brings on fear!
Not welcome anywhere!
People run when I get near!

Picked up by the dog cops
and put in a foster home.
The food and care are really tops
but still so alone.

I wont take too much space.
Just a small room in your heart.
A teeny, tiny place,
Where I can make a start.

No I'm not a cute little puppy,
But I wont pee upon your floor.
I just need someone to love me.
Please open up the door.

I am here waiting for you.
Where ever can you be?
I am here waiting for you.
Can you spare some love for me?

- Judith D. Steele





And please don't forget.........
Vaccinate your Mate

Wodonga Dog Rescue would like to thank all the wonderful people that
choose to adopt & not shop.
On these pages you will find some very happy rehomed dogs!
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We adopted Bentleigh. I just thought I would write you a quick note and say thank you very much for all the help with everything.

Bentleigh seems to be settling in. He has fallen in love with my 5 year old daughter and sleeps on her bed. They have heaps of fun playing together to.

He is a very sweet boy, with a beautiful nature and we are lucky to have him. I think he came out of his shell a little tonight and started running around the house playing with his toys. It was funny to watch.

I have added some photos for you. 1. In the car on the way home. 2 on our bed sleeping 3 My daughter and Bentleigh the first night she met him within about 10 mins. She walked in the door and he ran straight up to her and climbed into her lap. It was fantastic. The joy she got seeing him was great.  So thank you again.


They are both very well and Bubbles aka Faith aka Bed Hog is now voluntarily getting up on knees for a cuddle. She is beginning to play and run around but still doesn't know what toys are for, we will get there.

As you can guess they are both extremely spoilt as that is their no 1 job goal.

We can't thank you enough for the work that you do with the dogs and we are extremely privileged to have the girls living with us. Keep up the good work.


She is a much loved member of our family after a rocky start with the cats. As you can now see she is mates with one of the cats and our other dog. The other cat is more of a snob so will take longer to accept her.

The resident kangaroos have evacuated and the hares and rabbits are on their toes all the time.

She comes around the horses at feed time and is no problem at all. She has even developed a taste for horse food much to the horse’s disgust.

She is a lovely dog and everything you described to us and our other dog is happy to have a mate again after sadly losing her best mate.

Thank you very much for letting us adopt Sheeba.

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